Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're Home

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Well, we did it, or I should say Trevor did it. We got out of the hospital in record time. The better he started feeling, the less he wanted to be there. And when he found out we didn't have to constantly stay in the room, that was all she wrote. The longer we were gone from the room the better. The day Kaitlyn came, the nurse got a little worried thinking we had broken out of the joint.

Last night he did really good. He ate some Mac and Cheese, or as he corrects me and says, it's "Macaroni and Cheese". He kept that down, and wanted french toast and eggs this morning. His nurse from the the night before figured out that we should try and get medicine in pill form, and crush them up and give it to him in a spoonful of pudding. Thank goodness. That was a great idea and worked like magic. He still gets a little queezy from his meds, but at least they don't get his gagger right away, and they have time to digest. In case you are interested, he is on Furosemide (which is a diuretic), and will continue his Digoxin (which helps the heart beat stronger). He also got a prescription for ibuprophin for pain, but can guarantee he will only be taking Tylenol. Anything else, once again, gets his gagger. He should only be on the Furosemide for a couple of weeks, and he's been on the Digoxin since his first surgery, so I'm not sure if he will have to take that forever or if they can take him off of it now. That will be a question at his follow-up appointment.

Anyway, his oxygen was dipping down into 80's last night with oxygen "blowing by" his face, so I was thinking he would probably come home today, but that he would probably have to come home on oxygen, which I wasn't looking forward to. Been there done that and it's not fun. Like a miracle this morning, his oxygen on room air was 93% or better for the most part. I was thrilled!!! So we got to come home without oxygen. WoooHooo!!! Honestly, you don't know how thrilling that is. Just from the experience we had from his last surgery, he ended up on oxygen for 3 months. Every appointment we went to, and they put the pulse ox on his finger to measure his oxygen, we would all breath deep, as if that would help Trevor's oxygen level. Anyway, it was a huge relief to see his oxygen level today.

We have a follow-up appointment on Tuesday, April 21st, and he will get his stitches from his tubes out. He's probably not going to be real happy that day. But at least there are no stitches to come out on his incision.

Well, I think I'm rambling. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. I'm sure Trevor feels the same. I would just like to thank everyone for their love, prayers, and support during this journey. I know all the prayers helped in his speedy recovery.

Love to all!!!


From Auntie Roo:

I would like to add my thanks to all of you out there in the blogosphere. We/I truly appreciate the support from everyone.

God bless you all.

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