Friday, April 10, 2009


TMann's surgery is DONE!!! He came through it like a real trouper. It went smoothly.

Here are some updates from his web page:
Surgery today
Posted 11 hours ago
Well, now it is just a waiting game. We checked in at 6:00a. Trevor got his "pajamas" on...vitals were taken...and toys were played with. Then we found out that they had a Thomas movie, it was all over then.
They gave him Versed to calm him down before they took down to the OR. It made him very loopy so by the time that it was time for them to take him down nothing bothered him at all. It was the cutest thing. The nurse came to pick him up, and he thought that was great!!! He had a big grin on his face, as she picked him up and it was almost like he was thinking, SHE IS CUTE!!! He then put his arm around her neck and laid his head on her shoulder, and off they went. We watched him go down the hall, and it didn't bother him at all. After he went through the doors, the tears on our end started.
We've gotten a couple updates from Esther, Dr LaCour-Gayet's right hand person. Anyway, it's 10:10a and they have gotten through the breast bone and are now getting through the scar tissue to get to his heart. She will come and give us another update when he is on the heart/lung machine. They are AWESOME here.
That's all for now. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

Update 2:35p
Posted 7 hours ago
The procedure is done. Esther said he did great. They had him off the heart and lung machine once, and decided they wanted to take a better look at the blood flow in his right artery, so they put him back on the heart/lung machine, undid the conduit graft and got a better look at it. The surgeon concluded that there was no problem, so he re-did the graft and got him back off the heart/lung machine.
As of about 1:30p they had to finish closing him up. Now he is in the CICU doing great, but the unit is locked down for a sterile procedure so we won't be able to see him for another 20 minutes or so.
Did I say this place is AWESOME!!!
Love to all!!!

Posted 1 hour ago
Well, we’re just hanging out here in the CICU with Trevor. He is still doing great. They took the breathing tube out about 5:00p, and by 6:00p he was drinking water. He is such a trooper. They say he will be up walking tomorrow. So now we’ll see how he does over night. Harold and I have a sleep room here at the hospital, but we’ll probably be staying right here in the CICU with Trevor and just get cleaned up in the morning in the room that we have reserved.
A funny story though…Trevor really is Thomas (the tank engine’s) biggest fan. Right after he got his breathing tube out, the nurse was asking him if it was “Thomas the Train” or “Thomas the Engine”, and in his feeble little scratchy voice he was able to say, “it’s Thomas the Tank Engine”. We (including the nurse) were cracking up.
Well, that’s all for now. Auntie Roo should be posting some pictures soon.
So that's the latest on our little man. I'll post more as he progresses.

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Jesse_Jay87 said...

wow. I am glad he is doing ok! that is some scary stuff!!

I cant get into the keep posting the info on your blog if you can

prayers and thoughts are with you guys!

he sure is a cute little guy!