Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday's update

as posted by Momma...

Day 4
Posted 12 hours ago
Well, Trevor just keeps doing better and better. He kind of had a rough morning, not being able to keep anything down, but they've switched all of his meds that he might have been getting intraveniously to oral, so with little or nothing in your stomach, it's hard to keep them down. Anyway, it's gotten a little better, but I'm sure the skinny little guy has lost a pound or 3 that he couldn't really afford to. We'll have to work on that when he gets his appetite back. Although, with all the running he did with a "bad" heart, he's probably going to be running even more now, so putting on weight is going to be hard for him. I wish I had that problem;0)

So, he was kind of having a rough day since Daddy went home. He is tired of being here, just wanted to go home too. After seeming a little depressed, Kaitlyn showed up, and really perked him right up. That's just what he needed was a little Kaitlyn therapy. They had fun riding in the wagon, and watching the "marble game", and "exploring" the place. Kaitlyn isn't old enough to come up to the CPCU, so we hung out down in the lobby and they had a ball. It must be OK here if a 6 year old says "this place is really cool", as she is leaving.

Well, after such a big day, Trevor is now fast asleep, only to be woke up in just a few minutes to get some nausea medicine so he can then keep down his Lasix. That got his gagger this morning, and got it again tonight.

Love to all!!!

P.S. From Auntie Roo... SO GLAD to see his smile coming back. We hadn't seen that since Friday morning.

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