Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday evening update

Posted 13 minutes ago

Trevor continues to progress. Here are the highlights of Saturday:

1. The catheter was removed. NO MORE DIAPER!!!

2. Moved out of the baby bed to a big-boy bed. He no longer looks like he's 10 feet long lying there in that little bed. There is even room in his bed now for Momma to lay down with him.

3. Still in ICU, but in his own room. It's quieter and more space. Hopefully everyone can rest a little better tonight.

4. Chowing down on grape popsicles. He loved the first one he had this afternoon and his nurse has told him he can have all the popsicles he wants!!! You know he'll take advantage of that.

5. He took his first steps since before the surgery. He walked from the bed to the potty. Granted, it's only about 4 feet (if that), but he walked over, stood there and did his thing. Momma carried him back, but it was a positive step.

6. The drainage tubes are looking better with less drainage. They tested him and found that his vitamin K was low which helps thicken the blood. They gave him some vitamin K and they also backed off of the heparin (blood thinner). That all seemed to help alleviate the oozing. The nurse said that the tubes could possibly come out tomorrow.

I was there this afternoon for several hours. He was still pretty sleepy, but doing well. I just talked to Chris to find out how he did while we all went and got dinner (FatBurger if anyone is interested!). She said he was wide awake when they came back. He's watching Thomas movies now. So he should be pretty happy.

She did say he has a low grade temperature of about 101. They gave him Tylenol, but they are not real concerned, just watchful.

Thank you all for the continued love and support.
Auntie Roo(Rhonda)

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