Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting better every day

Posted 11 minutes ago

Trevor continues to progress nicely.

All of the drainage tubes were removed earlier this morning and the final tube in his groin was removed early this afternoon. Poor little guy has had enough of all this though. He kept telling the nurse to QUIT and GO AWAY!!! Anyway, the only tubes he has left are the oxygen tube and one IV tube in his foot. Oxygen we'll probably be turned off tomorrow, but the IV tube will probaly stay until he is released. This is in place for blood draws (if necessary) and medication administration that can't be given orally. We're all thinking that today he is just plain ticked off at us all. He wouldn't smile and didn't want to talk to anyone.

He is up on the "Step Up" floor now. The next step is going home.

He's been up and walking just a bit. He had a wild cherry Slurpee this afternoon. Tonight he had his first real food, chicken fingers and french fries.

I asked him this afternoon how he was doing. His reply "Not good." So I asked him if he was better than yesterday. He replied "Yeah." So I guess he's feeling a little bit better.

And just so you all know... the Easter Bunny didn't forget him. He found him in the hospital and he left something at Mimi & Papa's house as well.

Daddy will be going home tomorrow. That won't be easy, but he has to get back to work. At least he can go knowing that Trevor is doing well.

I will be posting some more pictures so check the gallery.

Love to you all!

Auntie Roo :-)

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