Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday is looking good...

Posted 2 minutes ago
Trevor wasn't quite as happy this evening as he was yesterday evening. He had kind of bad night Monday night, in that most of his medicines kept making him sick to his stomach and some of the liquid medicines would trigger his gag reflex... not good.

He was up and active throughout the day though. Papa tells me he was RUNNING down the hall! I knew we wouldn't be able to keep him down long.

He's still having a little trouble keeping his oxygen levels up. It has been hovering around 90% and they want it to stay closer to 98%+.

We are still very hopeful that in Wednesday's update we'll be able to tell everyone that he is at home, but we'll have to wait and see.

Keep your fingers crossed that he goes home on Wednesday. That would make his day... maybe even his week!!!


Auntie Roo :-)


Annie said...

Running down the hall is great! And I'm sure he'll have his moments feeling yucky, but he's done so well thus far, praise God!

Jami said...

I've been following this sweet little story... I'm glad he's doing so well! What a great thing to have so many people close by who love you. He's a lucky little man! :)