Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So... What would you change and when?

If you were granted the wish of going back in time, how far back would you go? Once back to that time, what would you change?

Do you know when something happened that might have changed your life's journey? At what point in your life can you say "If I had gone 'left' there instead of 'right' my life would be better." And how do you know that it would be better? How do you know it wouldn't have taken you down an even uglier road than what you think you are already on.

I think we've all had that "What-if?" thought, but be honest with yourself ... do you realy want to find out?  Try not to look back.  I've heard this stated in many different ways, but remember "Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is unknown and not guaranteed, Today is a gift and that's why we call it the present."  If you want to make changes, do it today.