Friday, June 25, 2010

Writing from a Cousin

I am the first grandchild on both sides of my family.  On the maternal side of my family, over nearly 27 years there came to be 20 grandchildren.  Janel is #20.  There are nearly 27 years between us.  I have to admit though that this “kid” has really impressed me recently.  She has become a lovely young woman, a good wife to her husband Michael and a loving mother to her son James.

Janel has been writing periodic posts to her family’s blog and several have touched my heart.  I want to share one with you (click here).  As she says, she was raised on the land that her paternal grandfather owned, so she’s a “country girl.”  There was a wonderful old barn that stood on this land.  Recently it has been coming closer and closer to falling over.  A few weeks ago there were some big winds that blew through the valley and sadly the wind was strong enough to blow the old barn over!  You can see from the pictures though how easy that would have been.

Thank you Janel for sharing this wonderful insight to a piece of your life and those that love you.

These are my pictures of the barn that I took a couple of years ago.