Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul Harvey, GOOD DAY!

I just read a post on a friend's Facebook page and then checked MSN.COM. Paul Harvey has died. To quote one of the replies on that same Facebook page, "It's like America's grandfather is gone." It's so very true.

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey on the radio from time to time, because my Grandparents always loved to listen to him. When I got older I tuned in on my own. He had a voice that was very easy to listen to.

I was lucky enough, in 2002, to see him speak, in person. He was pretty much the same, but since he was not on the air, his language was not quite as reserved. He was not vulgar or obscene, but he truly made his opinion known.

You and your charm will be greatly missed Mr. Harvey. GOOD DAY!


Heather said...

i will miss him. excellent post Roo I am copy the idea:)

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting my Show & Tell post, my fellow Rocky Mountain News lover.

Going to the porch this morning was kinds of sad, huh?

Missing Paul Harvey as well.