Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have to say, I have caught the fever. I am having so much fun finding and "chatting" with friends that I've found.

If you haven't joined yet, check it out and have a great time!!!


StaceyC4 said...

Be careful! It starts out harmless enough. then next thing you know, you have over 300 friends and you want more! Or, in my case, I had a crazed person from high school practically stalking me! We weren't even close friends but before long she was on facebook every time I was there wanting to chat, calling me, e-mailing me, leaving comments on my blog and wanting to get together almost to the point of obsession. So fun though it is, sometimes there's a crazy one in the bunch!

Roo said...

Yeah... a small group of us have commented on some creepy friend requests one or more of us have gotten. There was also a story on the local news the other night warning of the latest scam. People are using facebook to solicit money from their "friends" for emergencies. It's fun and I prefer it over MySpace.


Annie said...

HE HE HE! Me too!

email me and we could be facebook friends :)

It's a sickness I say, I sickness!