Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've been "Aunt Rhonda" or "Auntie Roo" to a lot of kids... my friends kids. But you know what, being Auntie Roo or Roo to my own nephew is the best! I wouldn't give up the days with the other kids for anything, but I'm loving this role.

Trevor came and stayed with me again Friday night. When I got to Grandma & Grandpa's to pick him up, Grandma (Mimi) asked if we were going to stay for dinner. I said we probably would. I didn't know that Trevor had other plans. When Momma got home he was ready to go. When I asked him what we were going to do for dinner he said "HAMBURGER HELPER"! So we stopped @ Super WalMart on the way to my apartment and got the fixin's for Sloppy Joe Hamburger Helper. I even offered to buy a pizza, but he was set on the HH. I think one reason is because the first time he and Momma came to my place and ate dinner I made HH. I'm such a gourmet cook sometimes!

We watched Thomas for a while, played with trains, watched Yogi & Boo Boo and then went to bed.

Momma came over Saturday and we all three went to the pool to go swimming. They were having the annual pool party. I wasn't sure it would be a good idea. I thought it would be pretty crowded and too hot. Well, we found a place in the shade to set up our chairs and the crowd really wasn't bad. They had a few drawings for prizes. We all three got tickets. We were getting ready to leave and they announced that they would be doing the last drawing in about 20 minutes and it was a pretty good prize... $50 off rent... but you had to be present to win. So we decided to hang around. Well they called one of our numbers! I got a $50 credit on my rent for July!!!! It was worth the wait.

Afterwards, Momma went to visit her friend Marion, but T didn't want to go. "I'll stay with Roo." So Momma left, T played computer games while I got ready to go to dinner. T and I went to see my friend Gary for a few minutes and then we went and met Momma and Marion for dinner. Later on it was back to my apartment to gather their stuff and head home.

Today I worked on replacing the belt on my vacuum cleaner. It's not that hard, just a pain in the behind!!! I got that done and did some vacuuming. Then I got an invitation for a motorcycle ride if I would buy lunch! SURE THING!!! It was a nice ride and a good lunch. I even tried Rocky Mountain Oysters! They aren't bad once you get past the idea of what they are.

As we finished lunch, my phone rang... Mom's ring (You're Momma Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock & Roll!). When I answered I was SHOCKED to hear the little guy's voice on the phone. See, he just doesn't like to talk on the phone. He didn't even want to talk to Momma when she called Friday night!!! He asked me if I wanted to go on a picnic. I told him that I had just eaten lunch, but asked where they were going. He told me that they were going to the park that we went to last weekend. Well, since it was HIM that called ME, how could I not go? So I told him that I would meet them at the park a little bit later. I went and we all had a good time.

When it was time to go home he thought he should come over to my place again, but we had to tell him that since Momma and I both had to work tomorrow that it just wouldn't work out this time. We are already planning our July 4th picnic celebration though.

I love the little guy and am so glad that he is finally starting to be my little buddy. I do however miss all the kids that used to call me Aunt Rhonda, or Auntie Roo. Most are grown up now and starting to have their own families. Others I just don't get to see often enough. I love you all!!!

Hope you had a good weekend too! Enjoy the week. For me it will be a short one. No work on Friday!!!!


Lavender Luz said...

I LOVE the ring tone -- so funny!

Glad you had your share of perfect moments (even the RM Oysters!).

Peeveme said...

You are such a fun aunt!

Kami said...

How great to have such a nice relationship with your little buddy.

Tom, Suzanna and kiddos said...

What a sweet little guy! It's so great the you have such a good relationship with Trevor. I'm glad his health seems to be healthy. You're a great Aunt!