Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

One of the blogs that I follow is written by a woman named Annie. It is called MORE THAN JUST A MOM. I've really come to admire her writing and that fact that she doesn't seem to be afraid to tell it like it is.

Her post today really got me to thinking though. It is entitled Adieu 2008. It is a recap of what happened with her and her family throughout 2008. It made me sit back and start thinking about what has happened in my life this year. If you'll indulge me, I'll give you glimpse of my year in review:

January brought good things for a friend of mine as he finally got himself out of a bad living situation of more than 14 months. It was a sense of relief for me and his other friends as well as a sense of freedom for him. It also brought a very sad time for both of us. More so for him than me. His mother passed away mid-month. It was a blessing for her as she had been struggling with a crippled body for many years. She was a wonderful lady and I'm glad I got to share her life for the short time.

February brought more sadness when another friend lost her 3+ year battle with breast cancer. Again, those of us still here miss her deeply, but we know that she is no longer in pain and is not suffering.

Spring brought several get togethers with friends which included helping one friend celebrate a #0th birthday. My Grandpa celebrated his 94th birthday. We celebrated a new baby in Holly's family. One of my friends moved away (eastern Nebraska), but we keep in touch via email and even got to see each other the day after Christmas.

One of my friends bought a motorcycle and we spent a lot of time running around on that throughout the summer.

July brought the annual and bi-annual family gatherings. Got to see family members that had not been around for many years.

Holidays moved in for the fall and things got busy, traveling to Nebraska for Thanksgiving, home for a week, off to Florida for a week, home for a week and off to Nebraska again for Christmas.

So that's a brief recap of what my year included. I've been enjoying writing my blog because I love sharing pictures and fun/interesting stories. Through this media, I can write them and if someone doesn't want to read them, they don't have to. I thank all of you that have commented along the way and I hope you'll continue to read and comment.

Love to you all!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Roo :-)


Barrie said...

Happy 2009! I do like the recap idea. ;)

Annie said...

Ahh Roo! Thanks for the plug honey. I've enjoyed getting to "know" you these last several months. Your boy is a sweetie and I do enjoy your photos. Keep up the good work and may you and your family have a blessed New Year!