Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voting issues


How many of you heard about the "missing" ballot mess in Denver County? Here's the news story from the local NBC affiliate KUSA. Brief recap... Sequoia Voting Systems in California supposedly had printed AND MAILED 21,000 ballots on or about Oct 16. Come to find out the mail facility only received about 10,000 and the other 11,000 were never printed! It was finally discovered on Friday, Oct 24. This was after those poor souls @ the election office had to listen to phone call after phone call from citizens that had not yet received their ballots. I was one of them. I was asked to wait until Monday, Oct 28 and if I didn't have my ballot by then I should call back and request another be sent.

Well, when I heard about this "mistake" I decided to wait until today, Oct 29, to see if my ballot arrived. And arrive it did. So here I am, 3+ weeks after I requested the ballot; 2+ weeks after the date it was supposedly mailed; and 6 days from election day just now beginning to fill in my ballot. When I submitted my ballot request @ the beginning of the month, which was immediately acknowledged, I expected to have had it mailed back AT LEAST a week ago if not earlier than that. Thank goodness I have thoroughly reviewed the sample ballot and had a lively debate with my friend over the amendments and referendums. I should be able to just zip through the ballot and have it in the mail tomorrow or Friday.

It's been frustrating and I wasn't looking forward to going to a poling place to have to do my voting, but I would have done it. I would have felt guilty not voting.

Regardless of which candidate/party you're favoring, if you haven't already done so,


It is our right and privilege as US Citizens and it should not be neglected or ignored.


Heather said...

wow that is beyond crazy!

amen to getting out to vote!
btw love the new( ish) things and layout on your blog. FLA is nears(ish) ny. hint hint;)

Barrie said...

I'm with Heather. That is beyond crazy.