Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, February is over. I made it through another one. March will be better.

My Nephew, T-Man (AKA Trevor), shared some exciting news with me tonight. Mommy (AKA Chris) and T-Man have been working on the potty-training thing. He'll be 3 in May. While talking to Mommy on the phone tonight, I was informed by both of them that he went potty. It was pretty cute. He heard Mommy telling me about it and then I heard him tell me about it too. Mommy put me on the speaker phone and we had a discussion about it (mostly me talking and him answering "YES."). So we're hoping for more good results to come.

Easter is coming this month, along with Daylight Savings Time, First Day of Spring, a bridal shower for a cousin, a new baby for another cousin, and who knows how many other events throughout the month. It will be a beautiful month.

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