Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, you couldn't tell by the weather here in the Denver area right now, but Spring is here. Snow is expected off and on throughout the weekend. But that's Colorado. April is supposed to be the third snowiest month of the year.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. We did. The Kid was here and we got a kick out of watching him hunt for the eggs. Poor thing only got THREE baskets. The Easter Bunny just wasn't sure where to leave them, so he left them in three different places.
The highlight of the weekend for me was hearing him say "BYE ROO!" and "I yuv you!" or "I yuv you toooooo"

He will say it all on his own, but it does sometime require some coaxing. The BYE ROO he did start on his own though. I always say goodbye to him first because it sometimes is a "chore." So then the whole time I'm saying goodbye to everyone else I hear BYE ROO over, and over, and over, and over ... until I drive away! And you know I hate it!!!!


Trent and Karen said...

That was super cute Rhonda. He sure is growing up fast!
I have decided to blog about our family too. Check me out sometime.

Tom, Suzanna & kiddos said...

What a sweetie! I wonder who his favorite aunt is??? :0)