Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If We Can't Laugh at Ourselves...

I'm feeling like the blond you hear all the jokes about...DUH!

Does anyone else have the WEATHER CHANNEL DESKTOP utility loaded on their computer?  Have you noticed when there is a severe weather alert in your area it puts out an audio reminder that sounds like thunder?  I have this utility on my desktop at home, which stays on pretty much 24/7 because of a couple of programs that are on it.  It needs to stay running.

Well, for the last 2 days I've been hearing this strange noise while in other parts of my apartment.  It would sound like someone was banging on the steel girders of the building.  I was really getting annoyed because I couldn't figure out what people were doing.  Then I became worried that it was the hot water heater.  It is in need of replacement, but I've decided that since I am moving out in 4 weeks that they can just deal with it after I'm gone.  However, this noise was making me rethink that attitude.

So, this evening I've been sitting at the computer uploading pictures and videos.  This thunder has gone off a couple of times and has scared me both times because the speakers are turned up pretty loud.  I had been watching movies on the computer while packing and hadn't turned them back down.  I finally had an A-HA moment... the thunder noise is what I've been hearing!!!!

As I said... DUH!!!!!

The speakers have been turned down and now I can rest easy again.

If we can't laugh at ourselves, who can?


Jami said...

AHhahahahahahahaha! I can laugh because I am the epitomy of blonde jokes sometimes. And I'm a blonde. I hate the thunder, too. My husband had to show me how to turn it off. ;)

Roo said...

Well... there's another DUH! Hadn't thought of looking at how to turn it off!

Coloradolew said...

I'm always hearing strange noises and then feel rather foolish when I figure out what they are. I guess you are just related to another "Blond".
It is just a big strange world we are living in....too much to keep up with.

<3 >3