Friday, October 2, 2009

I feel so much better...

For a week now I've been harboring some anger toward a friend because of an incindent that took place a week ago.  It hurt me (not physically) and shattered me for days.  I was truly angry and hurt.

I had nearly decided that because I had not addressed it immediately that I was going to let it go, but I would not let it happen again.  However, an opportunity presented itself a few days ago and I tried to address the issue.  It was blown off and nothing was resolved.  I made up my mind that I would not bring it up again, but as I said, I would not let it happen again.

Well, I was asked about it it this evening.  I told my friend that I was not going to bring it up again, but they stopped me and apologized profusely.  They told me that looking back now they realized how horrible they were.  I thanked my friend for the apology and told them that their apology meant a great deal to me.  It was all that I had been wanting for a week. 

Because of this incident and the way things unfolded throughout the week I was truly afraid that our friendship was doomed.  I was afraid of what I thought was a severe change in my friend.  After our discussion this evening, I realize this is not the case and our friendship is fine.

I really need to learn how to stand up to people.  However, given what I learned this evening, I needed to just let this lie for a few days.  Standing up to the friend at the time would not have accomplished anything. 


Annie said...

It is hard with friends...they can hurt us so easily and it's difficult to say, "YOU hurt me!"

I've been on both ends of this: the victim and the one driving the car. It isn't pleasant either way. But God is good and when we step back, give it a little time, and then discuss the situation with loving hearts, things often work out.

I'm so glad in your case that it did!

Heather said...

everyone hates philosophy has been say it rather than letting it fester in you roo.