Monday, May 4, 2009

Final Post-Final Follow-up Visit

Well, we got a good report at Trevor's final follow-up visit. We saw Dr Schaffer, and had an EKG and Echo done. Trevor was very scared of the stickers they have to put on him to do the EKG and Echo, because they really hurt coming off. His skin is so sensitive, and in the hospital they ripped so much tape and stuff off of him, that he hates band-aids and stickers on his skin!!! He was also very scared that when we went in to have the Echo done, that there was going to be "blood". We promised him no "blood" and told him to try and relax and enjoy his Thomas movie. Once that got going he was fine, but he was very leary of the whole appointment. That's to be expected because when he actually went in for his surgery, he felt great, but when he came out he was sore and all cut up and felt like "poo".

Anyway, everything looks great!!! Even the Sonographer was telling us his pictures looked good, and he doesn't usually say a word except to chat with Trevor. Trevor is currently taking Lasix and Digoxin (has been on Digoxin since he was 3 months old). Dr Schaffer told us to continue the Lasix for 2 more weeks, and then stop it, and to continue the Digoxin for 5 more months, and then we can stop that too. That means that he won't have to take any more medicine, which has actually been an everyday thing for us since he was 3 months old. Hallelujah!!! Not that it was terrible, but it will just be nice to not have to remember to take it on a daily basis.

I asked the question, how will they know that the Contegra needs to be replaced, and he said like usual, they will be watching the right ventricle because if the Contegra is wearing out, it will start to leak into the right ventricle again. That shouldn't be for at least 10 years, but I was just curious how they would know. And he assured me again, that replacing it will not take another open heart surgery. They will be able to replace it in the cath lab!!! Hooray!!!

I must say that everyone's prayers has helped this go so smoothly and we really appreciate all of them!!!

Love to all!!!

The Matsons

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