Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reunion Fun - Day 2 - Part 2

We all look forward to this Welbourne Reunion which is held BI-ANNUALLY in Buena Vista Colorado @ Jim & Kathy's home.

As I said in the Part 1 piece, we didn't think Grandpa would be joining us. He surprised all of us and made the trip. We are so glad.

Our Aunt Marie and her daughters, Kim, Denise, & Traci, along with Traci's girls, Meghan & Kaitlyn (the Littles) came out to visit us this year. Kim had not been able to attend for about 24 years, due to babies and a battle with colon cancer. She now has two beautiful daughters that we met 4 years ago when they came out with Marie.

Our cousin Rick (RICKY!) had not attended a reunion in 13 years. He surprised us and came this year. SO GOOD TO SEE HIM!!!!

Aunt Alice was present. She is the last surviving child of the Horace & Gwen Welbourne.


Annie said...

Hi Roo,

Thanks for stopping by Mr. Smiley's blog. It looks like you and your family had a terrific time at the reunion. Great memories there and great pictures too!

Heather said...

I am enjoying your slides here again at work, but.....
Could I make a reguest,please?

and -of course- always more of my favorite little red head guy!