Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on the status of Trevor's heart

T-Man went to visit the cardiologist yesterday. While he continues to be a happy, healthy, energetic 3-year old, the news from the cardiologist was not the best. However, it was not completely unexpected. I will post the email from his Mommy here, but first of all, let me fill you in.

For those that don't know, T-Man was born with a congenital heart defect called TETRALOGY OF FALLOT. Here is a link for a full explanation:

Simply put, he has a hole in his heart. Before he was even 3 months old, they performed open-heart surgery on him to patch the hole. We knew at the time they would have to do a couple more surgeries because he and his heart will grow, but the patch will not.

Ironically, or amazingly, there was a movie that came out, almost exactly 1 year before T-Man was born called SOMETHING THE LORD MADE It is the story of the doctor and his assistant that developed the tools and the techniques to correct or at least mend this defect. The defect is also called "blue-baby syndrome" because the lack of blood flow caused the babies to turn blue. These men performed the first ever open-heart surgery, and it was on a baby. Up to this point, tampering with the heart was forbidden territory in the medical field. It is a very touching movie. Check it out if you get a chance.
So, here is the latest news. Please keep him in your prayers. He's a very special little boy and deserves to live a long and happy life!


Well, it sounds like Trevor's second surgery isn't too far in the future. They looked at his right ventricle today and the muscle is getting a little stretched from the leakage.

We have to come back again for another appointment on July 30th. They will look at it again, and decide then whether to schedule the second surgery or not. If there isn't any change, then we might be able to hold off until next year, where he should be big enough that anymore "interventions" would not require surgery, meaning, whatever they would need to do later could probably be done in the cath lab.

If he has to have surgery in the fall, then he will probably have more surgery because he will probably outgrow the "equipment".

Anyway, of course, I'm praying to be able to put it off, but we will do whatever we need to do. It's amazing, because if he didn't have a scar running down the middle of his chest, you would never even know anything was wrong, but thank goodness for the technology that is available today.

Please keep us in your prayers.


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Heather said...

I met you yet T-Man but i love you!!!! Stay strong, buddy